Siri Freaks Kellie Pickler Out!

Oh Siri, causing trouble again are you? You would think that after being on American Idol, nothing would freak out Kellie Pickler, but apparently Siri does – and she has shut it off. According to an article in US Magazine she goes on to say “I turned off Siri on my iPhone because she freaks me out!”

But other than Siri, her iPhone is put to good use with a Fandango App. The app is used to find local matinee movies when Pickler is on the road touring. She also looks to her iPhone for spiritual guidance with an app titled Jesus Calling. This app provides daily devotions, scripture, and the ability to share your readings through Twitter or Facebook.

Some other non-techie contents in Pickler’s purse seem to be a bottle of Jack Daniels and Dramamine… mix that cocktail together with Siri and no wonder it freaks her out.

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