Kenneth Cole Silver and Rose Watch Review

When you think of Kenneth Cole, watches don’t necessarily come to mind since the brand is more popularly known for its shoes and clothing lines. Well that might change in the very near future. After all they were one of the first to debut touch screen watches, and while their newer Silver and Rose Gold Link Watch may not be very high-tech, it is absolutely stunning. The two-tone watch is designed for men, but it looks very good on this lady’s wrist too. I have been a watch collector for years, and have collected everything from the traditional to the unique and that includes Swatch, Seiko, Casio, Tag Heuer, Phosphor, and all the others I have crossed paths with along the way.

The Kenneth Cole Silver and Rose watch however, is the most intricate and beautifully crafted watch I have set my eyes on recently at an affordable price point. The transparent face shows the moving gears, wheels, springs, studs, barrels, etc… This watch feels great to wear without feeling overly heavy for delicate wrists. It’s style is flashy, yet subtle and will give off the illusion that it costs a lot more than $195. The Stainless Steel band doesn’t easily scratch up, which is nice for those who always find themselves rubbing their wrists on desks while typing.

Another nice touch, is that this watch runs without a battery. That’s right, the watch looks like a relic and operates as one, so you will need to wind it, meaning you will need to shake it in your hand really well, in order for it to work. After you wind the watch the first time, and continually wear it, the Silver and Rose will keep the time, but if you put it down for a while, for a few days in a row, you will need to wind it again for it to work and keep the correct time.  So before you wear the watch the first time, you will need to vigorously wind the watch by just shaking it in your hand. After you have done that, just normal motion from your hand on a daily basis will keep the watch winded.

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The Silver and Rose Gold Link Watch from Kenneth Cole is a beauty to look at and to wear. You will get compliments from onlookers at your chunky bling, but only you will know that it looks a lot more expensive than it actually costs. Plus, the transparent face gives it a unique look with extra geek cred, and that will make your wrist stand out in the crowd – and it will even give that iPod Nano watch a run for its money. The Kenneth Cole Silver and Rose Gold Link Watch retails for $195.

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