Lenovo K91 Smart TV Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

With the Lenovo K91 Smart TV, Lenovo marks its first entry into unexplored territory. But the K91 Smart TV isn’t just a smart TV, but it’s also one of the first Smart TVs to come running Android 4.0. This powerful TV features natural voice control, facial recognition with a child lock, console quality level gaming, social networking integration, and unlimited TV apps.

As far as hardware is concerned, this TV is the first running on a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm 8060 Dual-core processor with a powerful GPU. The K91 Smart TV will be available in a choice of 42″ or 55″, as a 3D LED TV. The display itself is made of a 240hz IPS panel, and  it comes packing a 5MP integrated webcam for video calls.  To top it all off, the system comes with a neat remote control that sports a touchpad and a 3 Axis gamepad.

Ordinarily we would scoff at a PC maker’s attempt to make a serious television. But despite the fact that the K91 is the first smart TV from the PC maker giant, it is still packing some very impressive specs. Plus, Lenovo has been handling Android devices for some time now, so we’re pretty confident that they won’t muck this one up. Apple, you’re on!


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