Lexus Unveils Sleek Hybrid 2+2 Sports Coupe Concept- Take that DeLorean!

2+2=4 which is how many stars we’d give this candy apple concept car from Lexus! The newly unveiled LF-LC concept was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show today. It “liberates the idea of a sport coupe and pushes the boundaries of performance, style, and technology.” In layman’s terms- “It’s cooler than the DeLorean.”
Constructed with organic shapes, framed in aluminum, and covered in glass, this car oozes luxury and tells everybody that you are a serious driver. Or at least that’s what the press release says. For those of us who don’t know a dashboard from a dip stick it’s safe to say that this car looks pretty, gets great mileage and goes real fast!
Everything on the car is designed to provoke the idea of speed- from the tail lights that were inspired by jet afterburners to the aerodynamic silhouette emphasizing direction and motion. Those lucky enough to drive in this car would get to fully enjoy every bit of that speed as well with the giant glass on glass roof that enhances visibility and just adds to the sleek lines of the car.
Inside you will immediately notice the soft leather and suede textures, organic shapes, enveloping race inspired seats, remote touch screens on the doors for windows, locks and seats, twin 12.3 inch LCD displays for navigation, climate, and audio control, and more!
Speedy, stylish, fuel efficient, and better for the environment… Sign us up! We’ll take two to “review” if you don’t mind Lexus!

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