LG Shows Off World’s Largest 55″ 3D OLED TV – Hands On

Stack up three credit cards, and that’s how thin the new LG 55″ 3D OLED Television is. After viewing this beauty of a television here at CES 2012, we have to admit it displayed one of the most vivid, detailed, and accurate images we’ve ever seen, especially on a 55 inch!

Every single pixel in an OLED TV is capable of lighting up on it’s own. It’s not backlit, each organic light emitting diode pixel can dim independently of any other pixel which is what allows it to achieve such amazing contrast and dynamic colors. The contrast ratio is over 50 times greater than any LED or LCD at an amazing 100,000,000:1. The blacks are super inky, blacker than almost any TV we’ve seen.

The OLED technology also happens to be extremely power efficient and “green”, more so than LED, LCD, and especially plasma. It’s also coupled with a very high refresh rate at .1 microseconds.

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Unlike some of the other OLED TVs we’ve seen here at CES, LG’s is actually going to be available to consumers this year! We’re hoping this will push television manufacturers towards adopting the large screen OLEDs as they’re capable of producing the most beautiful images with low power consumption, an almost non-existant bezel, and a profile that’s practically invisible. There is no word on when exactly the LG 55″ 3D OLED tv will be released, but it sounds like it will be the second half of 2012.

As a side note: It was so thin that we had a tough time photographing the profile view!

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