Liquid Image’s Ego is a Mini Mountable WiFi Sport Camera

Liquid Image crashed into CES 2012 with a mountable mini camera called Ego. Its called Ego because it is meant to be used at an angle that make you look good while you are cutting up awesome moves in your playtime. There are plenty of goggles out there that give a Point of View camera angle, and those are great, but the Ego puts you in the shot making it even better. A little editing from the two angles and you could have ESPN style X games coverage. Mount it on to your board, bike, or other device you feeling like hurdling your self on. It also comes with a tripod and has many more options available to fit your sporting needs. Its even water resistant.

It has a 136 degree wide angle lens and is only 1.6”x1.2”x2.5”H with a LCD display screen and two buttons to control the camera. It has 4 modes which include a HD 1080P Video Mode (1920×1080) at 30 frames per second, a High Action HD 720P video mode (1280×720) at 60 frames per second, a 12.0MP (4000×3000) camera mode, and a continuous Photo Mode. It can be navigated either through the wireless remote control feature or through the buttons on the top of the camera. It has a Micro SDHC Card for up to 32 GB that records thousands of photos or hours of HD video. You can then download the files to your computer or with a high speed USB cable or the Micro SD card.

The EGO is Wi-Fi enabled so you can view in real time and playback to your  smart phones, tablets, or computers.  That’s it, nothing else is needed. The Wi-Fi Ego can be controlled or viewed on a Smartphone with the use of an App, many of which are currently being made. Available in June through Liquid Image for $149.