Ferrari by Logic3 Headphones Are Almost as Beautiful as the Car

It looks like Ferrari wants to get in on the headphone action and has collaborated with Logic3, to unveil its new Ferrari inspired audio equipment at this year’s CES 2012.  The Ferrari by Logic3 collection includes a range of earphones, headphones and speaker docks that celebrate Ferrari’s love of the road and sleek design flair. So now if you can’t afford the car, hopefully you can at least afford the audio equipment with the Ferrari name on it.

The Ferrari by Logic3 range is comprised of two styles:

First there is the Ferrari Cavallino Collection, influenced by Ferrari’s GT road cars will feature the iconic ‘Cavallino Rampante’ (Prancing Horse) marque. Then there is the Scuderia Ferrari Collection which is inspired by the competition of the Ferrari F1 team. Each product takes its cues from the sleek racing lines and iconic chassis  that makes the Ferrari cars so instantly recognizable. This collection carries the exclusive Scuderia Ferrari badge as well.

Speaker Docks:

•    The Cavallino GT1 Speaker Dock sports 250W RMS Class HD AMP  in a Multi-Speaker Unit with a 6.5” (165mm) Subwoofer. In addition to an Apple dock connector, the GT1 also features wireless Bluetooth connectivity for Android and Windows devices.

•    The Cavallino GT1 Air offers the same specification as the Cavallino GT1, but with the addition of Apple AirPlay wireless technology.

•    The Scuderia FS1 is a 2.1 Speaker Dock offering 120W RMS Class HD Amp with Twin Passive Bass Radiators. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for Apple, Android & Windows devices along with a dock connector for Apple devices.

•    The Scuderia FS1 Air offers the same specification as the Scuderia FS1, but with the addition of Apple AirPlay wireless technology.

Headphones and Earphones:

The Ferrari Cavallino headphones and earphones focus on comfort,  fine materials and detail, the collection is available in the following formats:

•    The T350 Over-­‐Ear Headphones, which include active noise cancelling (ANC) technology
•    The T250 On-­‐Ear Headphones
•    The G150 & T150 Earphones, which feature TFAT and noise isolating technology

The Scuderia Ferrari headphones and earphones offer sleek design and high quality audio, accompanied by a comfort level in and on the ears. Mirroring Ferrari’s F1 focus, the whole collection is available in the following formats:

•    The R300 Over‐Ear Headphones, offer active noise cancellation technology
•    The R200 and P200 On­‐Ear Headphones


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