M-Edge SuperShell Encourages You to Drop your iPad 2

People tend to be pretty precious around their iPads, cradling them like a newborn child and carefully keeping them snug in a variety of pretty cases. The M-Edge SuperShell Cases changes all this as they actively encourage you to drop, bang and crash your precious iPad into all manner of things.

When we gently dropped our test unit on the floor, we were told to ‘Hit it off the table edge- it gets better bounce’. Not only was this true, but the iPad remained 100% together, with not a scratch or mark in site. The secret is the closed cell foam cover that wraps around your iPad and keeps it protected from any manner of shocks, Sure the lime green casing it not for the fashionistas of the world, but it’s a must for the under 10 crowds (and those prone to clumsy falls). The corners have extra padding for high impact protection, and you can even drop it face down as the resilient case has this covered and will keep your screen safe.

The textured design makes it easy to hold and allows you to get a good grip and the clever layout allows you to access the full range of buttons, from front and rear facing to camera to volume and power options.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty– so you’re assured your iPad will die before the cover does! It’s a great idea and it’s one that will really make parents more comfortable in letting their kids get handsy with their favourite toy, as they’ll be secure that they will get it back in one piece.

$29.99 from M-Edge

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