Mad Catz’ Street Fighter X Tekken Controllers Kick You Into a Retro Arcade

CES 2012 and Mad Catz bring you the sweet ambiance of the arcade… sweaty teenagers, adrenaline in the air, and the inevitable cheering crowd gathered around one of the various games. For the initiated, mastering the arcade fighting game has become a pinnacle of achievement, a fine art, a skill unto itself. True masters of the games achieve a level of hand eye coordination and reflexes that even a Jedi would balk at. For the uninitiated… it’s a bunch of men around a box.
If you are in the former group though, you will be happy to know that Mad Catz Interactive is releasing a whole new range of Street Fighter X Tekken fighting game controllers on March 6. This release is going to be in tandem with Capcom’s release of the afore mentioned Street Fighter X Tekken.
Dabble with the Fightpad SD or show off your true skillz with the Tournament Edition Fightstick Pro which features an arcade joystick and the traditional 8 button layout. If you are a true arcade enthusiast you will love the new Arcade Fightstick V.S. Edition which lets you put two FightSticks side by side just like in a real arcade. There’s nothing like standing shoulder to shoulder with your foe. All of these controllers are made with premium quality components and feature a genuine arcade layout and authentic japanese style joystick and buttons.
No word on pricing yet, but stay tuned as more is revealed later.

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