Mellow Yellow iPad Strap is Like Stylish Suspenders for Your iPad

The iPad Strap is made of a tight elastic band and leather pockets that attach to 2 corners of the iPad allowing for the device to be held comfortably with one hand. This can free you up to do all kinds of things with the other hand, like write emails or hold onto the rails on the subway. It is very secure and ergonomic, and now that it comes in mellow yellow, you can get a pop of color in as well. Also available in black and cognac brown. Available now for $39.95.

Here is some more details:

The Pad Strap helps prevent:

  • Accidental slips and drops
  • Cramped hands
  • Strained wrists

The Pad Strap is great for:

  • Giving presentations
  • Reading books
  • Conventions
  • Retail inventory
  • Freeing a hand for gaming and typing

The Pad Strap is used by:

  • Doctors and nurses
  • Airline Pilots
  • Students and teachers
  • Sales teams
  • In-field technicians
  • Warehouse and shipping workers
  • Waiters and waitresses

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