Mercedes Wants Augmented Reality Integration with Your Windshield. Hello Future.

Mercedes gets conceptual with a telematics strategy called @yourCOMAND, where the car becomes a mobile communications center that enables driver and passengers alike to access any modern media and services. They want to make a comfortable and easy integration of smartphone and car while utilizing cloud perks. They provide what they call “a visionary perspective” with the “DICE” (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) sculpture.

Here are more details:

The complete windshield becomes a brilliant head-up display; the dashboard, a display band. Digital information about the actual vehicle surroundings, points of interest, friends, pedestrians and other vehicles is presented there and a natural interaction by means of gestures is made possible. For this Mercedes-Benz uses a combination of Augmented Reality and natural gesture control to realize a completely new, exciting form of communication between people and their environment… For example, when one drives past a club, by a simple movement of the hand one can transmit the music playing there by live stream into one’s car. In the same way, local news from social networks, about points of interest, buildings or localities can be retrieved, or news can be left for others.”

Sounds grossly unsafe you say? Well perhaps not. Say a vehicle is about to approach an intersection. This can be virtually superimposed onto your windshield. Knowledge is power, and in that case, hopefully knowledge of oncoming traffic that you wouldn’t have otherwise will help keep you safer. Or imagine trying to park and getting a statistical analysis of which space is about to open first. The possibilities are numerous. Keep an eye on Mercedes for further developments.

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