Molly Bot Turns Your Retweets into Sweets

Here is one gadget that is tweeter than sweet! Molly is a little robot that turns your retweets into sweets! Designed to sit on your desk along side your computer while you work, Molly will push out a candy every time you reach the amount of retweets that you have set. It’s like being rewarded for good social media engagement! To top it all off, Molly’s creators are also planning on making an app to work along side Molly on your computer, so that it’s easy to connect Molly to your Twitter account.

But truth is that Molly isn’t exactly a robot, rather she is a module. And if the concept seems familiar here, that is because Molly is a sister to Olly, a web-connected smelly robot that turns your online notifications into smells.

Unfortunately Molly is not in production – at least not yet. The folks over at Ollyfactory are looking for backers for the project at Kickstarter.  And if Molly does make it into production, you can be sure that she’ll be one of the most fattening gadgets ever to stumble across your desk!

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