Motorola XT615 World’s First to Be Designed For Skinny Jeans

It’s about time someone hit that niche. The Motorola XT615 is an Android smartphone running Gingerbread (2.3) and coming in a 9.8 mm thick body with a 4” display. Motorola is touting the party-friendly, lightweight nature of the XT615, hoping to score points for style to make up for lost ground in the spec department.

The XT615 runs on a 800 MHz processor, which is far behind what you’ll find in most other smartphones on the market today, low-end or high-end. The camera, though, is a reasonably good smartphone offering, packing in 8 MP and LED flash. The phone comes in licorice and ultra white (or, as I like to call them, black and white). The tech inside the phone isn’t the greatest, but if you’re buying this phone, it’s because the XT615 is sleek and stylish, not because it’s a powerhouse. To punctuate that point, the phone has a small ornament hole where you can hang charms, if you want.

The Motorola XT615 will be available first in Hong Kong early this year. No word yet on when it will make its way to the States.

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