iPhone App of the Week: MyFord Mobile Makes Real-Life Driving More Like a Video Game

myford 610x848 365x508 iPhone App of the Week: MyFord Mobile Makes Real Life Driving More Like a Video Game

This year, Ford will be selling the Focus Electric, their first all-electric vehicle. Once that car hits, the MyFord Mobile app will be available for most major mobile operating systems (a Windows Phone version is unconfirmed). The app looks like it’s meant to be more than a companion app, though, with lifestyle features that aim to encourage staying green and maximizing the efficiency of the Focus Electric.

The home screen of the app gives personalized information about the user’s car, including battery meter and driving statistics. Users will also see range – how far they can travel before they run out of juice. Interestingly, this is personalized for each user, not just for the car. Different people could have different ranges, depending on driving styles.

The green lifestyle is encouraged in a few different ways. The app keeps track of how much in the way of carbon dioxide emissions each user prevents by going electric, and how much money they’ve saved on gas.

Drivers can find all nearby electric charging stations with the app, as well. Each station will appear green if it’s within the car’s current range, with additional information, including voltage compatibility, also available. Coordinates of the charging station can then be uploaded to the car’s GPS system. This process works the same way for major points of interest within cities, helping drivers to plan their trips with the knowledge that the car has enough battery power to make the entire trip.

And, last but not least, there will be achievements. They’ll be based on driving stats and aid offered on MyFord Mobile’s forums to other users, and can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. MyFord Mobile will also be a remote of sorts for the car, so you can do things like get the car turned on and warmed up before setting foot outside. If you’re looking to buy a Ford Focus Electric, be sure to check it out.