NextBox Google TV Box by E FUN Will Make You Never Leave Your Couch

At CES 2012, E FUN announced the set-top NextBox Google TV Box providing a preemptive duck and upper cut to the rumored oncoming Apple TV revolution. This tiny box lets you go web browsing, social networking, meme watching on Youtube, and peruse your normal TV channels. Yay for integration! Here are some more specs:

Features include RK2908 1GHz and Cortex A8 dual processors, DDR3 512mb
video card, Android 2.3 operating system, USB 2 host, LAN RJ45, and
easy-connect Wi-Fi 802.11. It comes with a remote control, and E FUN’s
Kobo eBook Store application and SlideME Application Manager.
Third-party apps also are available.

E FUN is the company that brought us the aPen, and the Nextbook. No word on exact release date, but we are keeping an eye out.We expect to be seeing plenty more about this little guy in the coming months. Although small and unassuming, it will be making waves, particularly among the hordes of the Anti Apple. You can always count on Google to provide options for those who don’t like apples.

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