Otamatone Mini Stretches the Limits as a Musical Instrument

Maybe you’ve caught wind of the Otamatone, maybe you haven’t. I’ll let you throw it into your YouTube search bar and judge for yourself. The original Otamatone is an odd “musical instrument” from Japan shaped like an elongated musical note. The neck has a long slider bar, while the Otamatone is “played” by squeezing the cheeks of the smiley face at the end. The results are…well, again, I’ll let you take a YouTube expedition and see for yourself.

Anyway, now you can score a small-scale Otamatone to stick on your backpack or keychain. The Otamatone Mini is an Otamatone without the long slider neck. Instead, it comes with 12 preprogrammed tunes that can be played and cycled through with a button press, and altered by a little cheek-squeezing action on the little guy’s dimples. We’re not sure exactly which songs are on there, but Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is confirmed thanks to the demo video.

You can sing along with your new little buddy for about $30, from AudioCubes.

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