Tiny DLP Pico Projector for iPhone 4S in the Works

A few years ago, talk about putting projectors into smartphones was all the rage. Back then, a few phones were trickling out with built-in projectors, and everyone expected that by now most phones would have them built-in. Alas, that fad has all but faded away. But that doesn’t mean that many people don’t want a mobile projector that is specifically designed for their phone. Brookstone’s Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 from DLP does a great job of accomplishing that by slipping on the iPhone as a case. This $229 projector is able to project an image as big as 50″.

But now DLP has a pocket projector for the iPhone 4S in the works that is even more pocket friendly. This super slim pocket projector is designed to look like the iPhone, and it’s even as slim as the iPhone 4S. This Pico projector also happens to be the world’s smallest standalone projector. We have no more details on this device just yet, but we expect it to be at least as powerful as the Pocket Projector model that is currently available from Brookstone.

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