Playmysong Brings the Jukebox Back, No Dimes Required

If you ever wanted to turn over control of your music playlist to your friends, Playmysong is available now and ready for you to download. Don’t worry, though – you won’t need to suffer someone trying to screw up your morning jog by pumping disco into your earbuds.

Playmysong is an app that turns control of a music playlist into a social exercise. Friends also using Playmysong can view your Playmysong Stereo and select what songs come up next. You won’t be getting any random songs that you find insufferable, though – friends can only choose from the songs that you put on your own Stereo, which can be playlists imported from iTunes.

Controlling another Playmysong Stereo requires switching to Remote mode. From there, the app will find nearby Stereos, and display their playlists, which you can scroll through, finding whatever song you want to play for whoever is around. Developer Loistava Interactive suggests that this could be great for clubs, cafes, and bars, as owners could allow patrons using the app to control the music played, in practice similar to how a jukebox is used. Only now, no change is required – the app is free to use.

Playmysong is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.