Samsung’s Sexy DA-E750 Audio Dock Handles Both Galaxy S II and iPhone

Samsung has let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, by unveiling a new line of Audio docks – ahead of CES next week. Both docks tout dual support for competing smartphone juggernauts – the iPhone 4S, and Galaxy S II. But before we get into those details, we have to mention that this new series of audio dock systems are quite the lookers, and they are also quite the deviation from the typical Samsung designs that we have grown accustomed too.

The first is the Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock with its Vacuum Tube Amplifier. This dock is the world’s first docking system that incorporates Samsung’s proprietary hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology, and it also supports a broad range of both Galaxy S and Apple devices via both docked and wireless connectivity. That includes iPhones, iPods, and the iPad by using a dual docking feature.

Samsung’s new hybrid vacuum the amplifier technology features “a digital amplifier’s sharp clarity combined with rich and warm sound performance of vacuum tubes.” In the past this kind of tech has only been available in premium audio products that audiophiles would know about and appreciated. The dock itself packs in a 2.1-channel speaker. a built-in subwoofer with 100 watts of sound, and it also offers analog (composite) input and a USB port. To top it all off, the DA-E750 also supports wireless audio playback via AllShare for Samsung Galaxy devices, AirPlay for iOS devices, as well Bluetooth.

And as if this dock wasn’t a looker already with its high gloss wood finish, when in use, the vacuum tube inside the dock emits a warm, soft glow.

Next up is the Samsung DA-E670, this is another Audio Dock that is designed to work with both Galaxy S and Apple devices. Although, not quite as attractive as the DA-E750, with its black finish, the DA-E670 is also a stunner. This dock packs in 40 watt speakers, an integrated subwoofer, auxiliary input, Bluetooth, a USB port, and support for AllShare as well as AirPlay.

Pricing for both docks are TBD.

Update 3/26/2011 – Check out our hands-on of the DA-E750 here.

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