Samsung InTouch Transforms Your Decrepit HDTV into a Smart TV

Jealous that all your friends have a smarter TV than you? Well now you can take your HDTV from dumbo to nerd with this new add-on from Samsung called the InTouch Camera System. Looking more like Kinect, rather than a hidden brain for your TV,  it bridges the gap between those who don’t have a Smart TV, but really want to take advantage of those features without having to dump their current TV.

The InTouch come with built-in WiFi, a 720p high-definition video camera,  and even includes pre-loaded apps like Skype. There is also full internet browsing and YouTube accessibility, so you can stream videos from i-Justine  right onto your current HDTV.

The inTouch camera can be put anywhere in the vicinity of your TV and because it can tilt, height is not a factor. The camera function means you can Skype with family and friends all from your TV, or share pictures with loved ones who are far and away.  The InTouch easily connects via a wireless connection in your home and via HDMI to your TV.

For those concerned how they will navigate with their new gadget, Samsung has made it easy by including a QWERTY keyboard which makes it a breeze to get around apps and browse the web. Now you will be able to do almost everything else those smartypants Smart TV’s can do at a fraction of the price. The Samsung inTouch will be available March 2012 and will retail for $199.99.

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