Samsung’s Window into the Future with the Transparent LCD Smart Window

Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window is by far one of the most impressive products we saw here at CES 2012. Much like Minority Report or Tony Stark’s house, this 46″ LCD “window” is completely transparent but can display any computer content, with the option of making the window entirely opaque. We watched as the Smart Window browsed photo albums, displayed twitter feeds, and played videos while any unused window real estate allowed us to see right through to the city in the backdrop.

The Samsung Smart Window has a zillion practical applications in Today’s world, but the most practical would definitely be installing one of these on every window we own. The Smart Window is touch screen and extremely responsive. The demo has a city behind the window that’s lit up. The LCD uses the backdrop daylight as a natural, and even eco-friendly, backlight. During the night time, when there’s no light shining through the window, the Smart Window uses an edge-lit backlight.

The Smart Window was running propriety Samsung software (because not everything is Android these days) and seems to already have a lot of usable demo applications. Of course there’s no word on availability, let alone pricing, but it looks like we’ll get our hands on Smart Window before we get our flying car.

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