Samsung and AT&T Rock Your Galaxy and Beyond with Galaxy Note

The Galaxy never looked so good, Samsung’s Galaxy Note, that is. A sparkling debut at CES 2012 today showed us the latest on the fingertips of AT&T. It is loudly and proudly sporting the largest screen on a smartphone, as well as the world’s first 5.3 inch HD SUper AMOLED screen that is 1280X800 providing for a fantastic sharp picture and readability for indoors and outdoors alike. This thing was meant for multitasking. It is a nice marriage of smartphone and tablet. Who doesn’t love a big screen and the bragging rights of the biggest screen on a smartphone as well as HD?

The Galaxy Note also features S Pen, a self labeled, most advanced pen input technology. It is pressure sensitive, precise, and quick. Users can sketch, make handwritten notes, emails, and texts. This is a great option for the tactile leaning among us. So many people have a hard time making the button less switch because they miss the tactile sensation. This pen should fill that need, and it’s even better that it comes with the Galaxy Look for it to come out soon at AT&T.

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