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ScotteVest (SeV) Puffer Jacket Review

Since the dawn of time, man has yearned for a jacket that can organize and store all of his gadgets…and then someone said “Let there be ScotteVest!” We have just reviewed the Men’s SeV Puffer Jacket (also made for women), and we’re happy to say it comfortably fits and organizes all of our gadgets, peripherals, and other items while still looking super stylish!

The ScotteVest (SeV) Puffer Jacket features a whopping 19 pockets. If you think that’s impressive, ScotteVest makes jackets with up to 37 pockets! From the looks of it, you’d never expect the Puffer Jacket to be such a crafty organizer, it’s a short and lightweight jacket that only displays two pockets on the outside. It has a cool quilted pattern made of 100% nylon.

It’s no surprise that ScotteVest features pockets within pockets, inception-style. One front pocket features a detachable elastic key ring, a change pocket, and a loop to stand a water bottle in place. The other pocket features a zippered pocket within. The two front pockets technically run all the way up the jacket, so if you can fit it through the zippered opening, it will fit in the pocket. These front pockets even function as “hand warmers”. The rest of the ScotteVest magic happens from within.

ScotteVest has incorporated their patented “personal area network” into the Puffer Jacket. This is essentially a cord management system to wire a pair of headphones inside the jacket. Headphones become easily accessible and will tuck safely out of sight (see pictures); it puts an end to wrapping, winding, and tangling headphone cables. The ScotteVest also features a “weight management system” and “no-bulge pockets”, but we just chalk this up as good design; nothing special.

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On the inside of the SeV Puffer Jacket, there is a ClearTouch pocket on either side for storing a phone and/or music player. The clear pocket is touch-friendly for your touchscreen smartphones and devices, though the plastic could be clearer. There’s a clear ID card pocket right below. Aside from the iPad/tablet pocket (!), my favorite pocket might be the sunglasses/eyeglasses holster. There’s no extra protection for your glasses, but it’s a dedicated pocket complete with a cleaning cloth on an elastic cord. Another unique, and nerdy, pocket is the memory card pocket; it has a velcro seal and can fit a few SD or similarly sized memory cards.

Most of the other pocket on the inside have dedicated uses, but in reality it’s going to come down to whatever fits. These pockets include the “PadPocket” for large tablets, digital camera pocket, USB/Bluetooth pocket, travel document pocket, and a few pen pockets. There’s really a lot of room to store any of your devices, peripherals, and other items. Since pockets run up, down, and all around the Puffer Jacket, you can prevent bulging and maintain an inconspicuous physique.

The Puffer is really quite comfortable. Even when it’s filled with gadgets it sits nicely, though you’ll want to try to distribute the weight evenly on both sides. It’s really a light jacket, but it can be pretty warm. It won’t cut it for winters in New York, but it’s a great fall and spring jacket. It’s also a great travel jacket considering you can crumple it into a small ball and it barely weighs anything. It was so comfortable that I found myself forgetting to take it off when going indoors.

The only gripe I had with the Puffer Jacket was the zippers; they’re small, not very strong, get caught on the thin fabric, and the main zipper even unzippered from the bottom on it’s own a few times. The bottom of the jacket has an adjustable elastic cord (a hem cinch cord) to tighten the fit around the waist and keep the warmth in. Similarly, the sleeve cuffs on the Puffer Jacket are elastic, scrunching the cuff closed and keeping the warmth in. Technically, any pocket that fits your hand is a “hand-warming pocket,” these hand-warming pockets happen to keep the body warmth in, but it’s no alternative for a good-old-fashion pair of gloves.

Unless people were just being nice, I received a favorable number of compliments on the Puffer Jacket; and people had no idea of what this “jacket” is capable of. As a tall and slim man, I ordered the extra-large. Length was the determining factor in size. The XL extends just below my belt, and is a little loose around my mid-region. The hem cinch cord helps the fit, plus now I just have extra room for gadgets!

The ScotteVest SeV Puffer Jacket is truly a tech-enthusiasts jacket. Let’s be real, no one wants to throw their cell phone, iPod, camera, sunglasses, change, and extras into one or two pockets; that’s how gadgets get broken. The number of differently sized pockets really allows you to get creative with the amount of gadgets and items you can comfortably store in the ScotteVest. Also, with the iPad/tablet pocket you’ll be much safer than walking the streets with a satchel or bag. You just have to be careful where you leave the Puffer, no one expects a jacket to be filled with gadgets and it probably won’t protect all of your gadgets from a nice drop. The ScotteVest SeV Puffer Jacket is machine washable and available in cardinal(red) or licorice(black) from Scottevest for $190 (+$5 shipping). They make a similar ladies version called the SeV Lola Jacket.

The Good: 19 Pockets, Pockets of All Sizes, Two Phone/Device ClearTouch Pockets, Sits Nicely, Looks Nice, Lightweight, Fits iPad with Case, Water-Proof, Capable of Incorporating Headphones, Comfortable, Elastic Cuffs, and Hem Cinch Cord

The Bad: Bad Zippers, Front Pockets Run Up and Behind Jacket–Items Can Get Lost, ClearTouch Pockets Could be Clearer, Not Extremely Warm, Only Two Colors

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