Sony Bravia TV Marries the Internet in Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without attending a wedding! Sony last week decided to throw the most lavish wedding at the Bellagio to celebrate the union of the Television and the Internet. The wedding took place fittingly enough during CES 2012. It might seem a little bit silly, but in all honesty this tongue and cheek ceremony celebrated a union that was only a matter of time, and years in the making. The bride (who represented the Sony Bravia TV) and groom (who represented the Sony Entertainment Network) looked their very best. The groom was dressed in a powder blue tux and the bride, who looked a bit like Kim Kardashian, was dressed in a very short white wedding gown.

Sony execs proudly gave the bride away and everyone was invited to join the festivities, as well as take a look at the technology that this new marriage would give birth too. But in all seriousness, Sony embraced the future of television with this wedding, and is looking forward to a very long and happy marriage of both technologies… Mazel Tov!

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