Speck CandyShell Grip iPhone 4S Case Review

We love our iPhone 4 but there was something to the 3G/3GS design that the 4/4S lacks. The older iPhone had a more ergonomic in-hand feel with its tapered edges and smooth corners. Unlike the boxy iPhone 4/4S cases on the market, the CandyShell Grip by Speck has a form like the old iPhone with smoothed corners and one of the most comfortable in-hand grips.

The CandyShell name says a lot about a Speck case; it means it offers supreme protection with a quirky design and tasty variety (great color schemes). Like all CandyShells, the iPhone sits in a soft rubber housing while the outside of the case is covered in a durable polycarbonate plastic. The Grip is appropriately named for adding four fun looking rubber grips to the back that extend to the sides. The case couldn’t feel nicer and more secure to hold.

The CandyShells are not ultra-thin cases, which is part of the appeal. The Grip happens to still maintain a really nice form without adding much weight to the iPhone. It’s just as thick as the other CandyShells, but the rounded edges makes it seem much thinner.

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There are rubberized button overlays for the volume and lock buttons, which are fantastic. There’s a cutout for the vibrate toggle, headphone jack, mic, speaker, dock connector, and an extra large cutout for the rear camera/flash. The cutouts are all large enough except for the vibrate toggle which can be a bit tricky to access. As mentioned, the Candy Shells offer supreme protection, and the Grip is no exception. The rubber interior and back rubber grips substantially ease the impact of any drop. There’s a raised rubber bezel that runs around iPhone’s face that keeps the screen protected.

We love the CandyShell Grip because it’s such a well balanced case; it’s protective, sleek, comfortable, grippy, and the available color schemes couldn’t be trendier and cooler looking. It’s available in black/black, butternut squash/black, pomodoro(red)/black, peacock(blue)/black, and white/black. We reviewed the butternut squash/black, which reminds us of a hip New York Taxi. The Speck CandyShell Grip is currently available from Speck.com for $34.95, or as little as $19 on Amazon depending on color.

The Good: Grippy, Comfortable, Great Form, Button Overlays, Easy to Get On and Off, Very Protective, Great Prices on Amazon, Fun Colors

The Bad: Vibrate Toggle is Tricky to Access

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