SwitchEasy Plank iPhone 4S Case Review

If you were to try to find a more distinguished looking iPhone case than the SwitchEasy Plank, you wouldn’t get very far. The Plank Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is appropriately named for its unique wooden textured design. The “plank” texture is actually raised, and just like other SwitchEasy cases, this design is in a category of it’s own.

Not only is the appearance of the SwitchEasy Plank super unique, but the design and engineering is as well. The case is made of two polycarbonate pieces. The first piece is similar to an iPhone bumper; iPhone first pops into this “ultra-frame” form-fitting bumper. The second piece is the entire back of the case, which slides into a groove in the bumper from the bottom, up. The bumper piece is almost capable of using as a stand-alone case as it offers a pretty secure fit…but where is the fun in that? With the back slid on, the Plank case offers superior protection and unparalleled beauty.

The case adds a slight border around iPhone’s face, which helps keep the screen protected. If that wasn’t enough, SwitchEasy also includes not one, but two anti-static screen guards. There are individual cutouts for all ports and buttons, with exception of the home button. All the cutouts could be larger but they’re easy enough to access. As per SwitchEasy tradition, they include a variety of extras including the two screen guards, an iPhone stand, a micro-fiber wipe, a squeegee to apply the screen guard, two charging port plugs, and two headphone jack plugs.

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The SwitchEasy Plank iPhone 4S Case stands out as one of the most unique cases out there (unique seems to be a word we often throw around when describing SwitchEasy). We’d like to say that the in-hand feel is comfortable, but not everyone would agree. With the plank, the feel is a bit awkward because of the three-dimensional, planky, design. Never-the-less, it worked just fine for us and we chalk it up as having a nice grip. The Plank is available in three exciting colors: blue (pictured), white, and brown. We realize white and brown may not sound “exciting”, but just refer to the pictures. The SwitchEasy Plank costs $34.99 from SwitchEasy.com which is fair enough for the incomparable design and screen-protectors alone.

The Good: Unique and Unparalleled Design, Form-Fitting, Included Screen Protectors and Extras, Protective, Durable

The Bad: Small Cutouts, 3D Plank Texture Could be More Comfortable In-Hand

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