Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktoop Brings a SciFi Edge to Cooking

Warned to stay away from matches and stove-tops as a child, parents will now have to rethink their strictures with the launch of the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop. Featuring a massive 48 induction heating elements below the ceramic top (the strange looking cogwheels you see in the image above) the Thermador is designed to allow for absolute ease in the kitchen, as you can place pots literally anywhere on the surface, and the intuitive 6.5 inch touchscreen will map and heat that area alone.

The Thermador Cooktop is created from ceramic glass which features a 6.5 inch colour touchscreen which lets your programme your pots. You can adjust the heat setting, the timer and the with a maximum  output of 4600 watts, and a minimum 15 watt output it can cook virtually anything. The touchscreen actually registers the size of the post you place on the induction Cooktop, and only heats up that surface area, so you can run your hand over the Cooktop and not get burnt. The only excess heat will be residual warmth on the post, but otherwise you’re all clear. It will adjust the heating elements as you move you pans around the surface, meaning you can be more flexible with your cookware and not have to worry about running out of space, or how to fit a griddle or rectangular pan on the stove.

Thermador don’t tie you into their own range of pots either, as the induction Cooktop will work with any metal based saucepan or pot.

Space wise you have a large area to play with as you’re looking at a Cooktop with a surface area of 21×13 inches which is very impressive and should easily allow you to have multiple pots on the go.

Price wise it’s not cheap but if you’re very invested in your home cooking this might be the Cooktop for you. It will likely be sold through distributors who will incorporate it into kitchen remodelling packages, so there’s no word on installation fees yet, as this may be absorbed into the cost of a new kitchen.

The Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop will be available July 2012 a RRP of $4,949. Check out Thermador here.


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