Use TINKE To Track Your Heart On Your iPhone

TINKÉ, from Zensorium, is the latest health and fitness gadget to appear on the market. The TINKÉ is a small dongle that attaches to any smartphone (including the iPhone, via 30-pin connector). It features a touch sensor that measures oxygen level in the blood, respiratory rate, and heart rate, which gets condensed into a VITA index that you can share with friends and compare across age groups.

TINKÉ might not be the most widely functional health and fitness device you’ll ever see, but it looks to be quick, small, easy to use, and efficient for what it does. For the brief time we got with TINKÉ, it was able to detect our heart rate and blood pressure. It really comes all down to being steady; the steadier we were, the better the result of our heart rate tracking.  Luckily enough, we have pretty big thumbs and a steady hand, so we did just fine on our test run. Pricing and availability are currently unknown, but you can reserve one or be placed on a mailing list for release details here.

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