Toshiba Shows Off the Future with Concept Tablets

Toshiba is showing off four interesting concept tablets here at CES. Who knows if we’ll ever see the tablets in broad daylight, but they’re fun to look at never-the-less. The most interesting Toshiba concept tab was the one that we saw floating in water. It’s a completely waterproof tablet. It functions normally underwater and is even capable of wireless charging, though details were sparse. It really makes us wonder, why bother looking at aquatic life while scuba diving when you can be watching videos on your tablet?!

The next tablet was a 13.3″ tablet, an obscure size for tablets. The image may not do it justice, but the tablet looked gigantic, though it still had a super sleek form. A tablet this size makes more sense as a laptop replacement. It could also be a nice complement for the kitchen or perhaps even the living room.

Consistent with the theme of obscure tablet sizes, Toshiba showed off their 5.1″ tablet. The size isn’t as obscure as the aspect ratio is. It uses a 21:9 aspect ratio. The idea behind 21:9 is that it would be ideal to watch movies filmed in that size. The 5.1″ looks abnormally long, much like a stretched iPhone. Who knows though, maybe long tablets are the future?

The last Toshiba tablet concept has a 7.7″ AMOLED. This is the tablet that Toshiba should really push to production. The contrast on the 7.7″ was amazing with super deep blacks.

Since these tablets are all just conceptual, the specifications on these neat tabs is sparse. We wouldn’t mind some more water-proof technology in our lives though!

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