Uniq Delight with Their Limited Edition iPad and iPhone Designs

There are so many iPhone and iPad case makers nowadays that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but Uniq has managed to do so, and not just because they went a bit haywire with the spelling of their name. The Uniq line is all about quirky individual touches, and they are constantly refreshing their collection.

Their philosophy is ‘dress your gadget’, and they’re all about adding little details that only you will see, which makes the phone more personal again. Examples of this are small inscriptions inside the cases saying things like ‘All we need is love (and our trusty little gadgets)’ inside the Love Uniq covers and each case has a different quote.

Classics that they are displaying are the Love Uniq Range, and we’re in love with the new Comix, and Prim and Proper case additions.

They pay such close attention to detail, that they created a booth that lured us in, as we were drawn to the cute array of their cases displayed on wardrobe hangers lining the side of the booth. It’s hard to pick a favorite out of their current and previous collections, but I think the Comix range is the one that steals our hearts the most.

The LoveUniq range features red and black designs with hearts and lips over them, and padded material cushions your precious products.


[The lovely little sayings inside the Uniq cases]

I love how playful the Uniq range is, and they really strike a unique note in a sea awash with identikit iPhone cases.

They cost from $29.90 for a case, and price varies depending on the model. Check them out at Uniq here- more items coming soon.

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