VIZIO Unleashes 5 PCs That Will Entertain You in a Whole New Way

Today at CES 2012 VIZIO has announced 5 new PCs, touting them as revolutionary to computing with integrated consumer entertainment. Streaming will be easy as pie with the new line up that includes two all-in-one computers, two thin light notebooks and one notebook. The old image of PCs collecting dust in an accounting office is being traded in for the highly functional and integrative experience of the new line that offers supreme connectivity and networking with other devices.

VIZIO PCs will be a continued progression of the VIZIO Internet Apps (V.I.A.) Ecosystem, which provides a seamless, cohesive entertainment experience across multiple screens. As the V.I.A. experience spans across the brand’s HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, tablets and more, today’s announcement represents a natural extension of the experience over to the PC as well. Together with Windows, VIZIO’s PCs will deliver power, mobility and familiar ease of use, ensuring a fast, fluid and immersive user experience that distinguishes them from devices that function and those that are truly entertaining.

Expect a release in spring 2012 with Windows 7 and 2.1 audio and video quality. Check out VIZIO for more details and to be notified of a release. With all this progression of inter-connectivity among devices, its only a matter of time before your car’s windshield is giving you streaming options. The more the merrier.

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