Sounds like Wine Time with the Bol-Link Portable Speaker

‘Music is the wine that fills the cup full of silence,’ Robert Fripp so eloquently said, and Bol-Link seems to agree with this as they’ve produced a wineglass shaped speaker. Referred to as ‘the goblet’ in their catalogue, it features a 3 watt speaker in the base and multiple ports for attaching your MP3 player to it. It also features an internal FM radio, though we’re not sure how you’d tune it as the buttons are pretty small.

The wineglass speaker (also known as the Bol-Link CYS-029) is something we think ChipChick readers could really get behind, as we all like to let loose a little in the evening, and this is cute way to do so. The Wineglass speaker has a rechargeable battery and comes with cable attached so you can charge it via your computer. You can also use a micro SD card to load tunes into it, so you don’t need an external device.

Details are scarce on any other factors, but we love that in comes in three versions- we’re thinking red wine, champagne and surprise cocktail!

Check it out here.




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  1. Hello,
    I do believe the correct formulation is
    “Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence”
    … a rather important difference once you have experienced what is meant.


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