Marvell and One Laptop Per Child Unveil the XO 3.0 Tablet

One Laptop Per Child has been doing great work making education more accessible in developing countries, but it looks like it might be due for a name change soon. The non-profit organization, along with Marvell, gave the world its first look at the XO 3.0 Tablet at CES 2012 today.

The XO 3.0 Tablet is built to take a beating, and features what appears to be a soft rubber case for extra protection. The proprietary processor is designed with low power consumption in mind, helping the tablets last longer in places with less access to conventional power sources. The XO 3.0 maintains the performance of the other laptops in the XO line, but is said to use half the power. Should access to those conventional power sources be a problem, the XO 3.0 can be powered up by alternate sources, including solar panels and hand cranks.

The tablet also features a standard or Pixel Qi sunlight-readable display, Avastar Wi-Fi SOC, and support for both Android and Linux. No word on when these tablets will be available for purchase by international NGOs or other non-profit organizations.

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