Yet ANOTHER Angry Birds Product, This Time Building Sets from K’NEX

K’NEX (or, the “other Lego,” as they are known to many), have partnered up with Rovio to — well, I guess I don’t really need to finish that sentence for you, do I? Details about the upcoming K’NEX Angry Birds playsets are sparse, but we do know they are slated to hit stores around fall of this year, and will include buildable launchers, along with ample numbers of birds and pigs. Sounds like the playsets will be built for the brand of flying, crashing mayhem that defines the Angry Birds apps, so kids will be able to take breaks from Angry Birds iPhone time to enjoy some quality, Angry Birds real-world action. K’NEX Angry Birds sounds like it will be in the same vein as Mattel’s board game versions, but with more solid construction. Call it hard mode.

Also, looks like the playsets include those little pieces of ham that are in the apps, too. Bonus points!

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