Apple Starting to Plan the Canada Release of the iTV

For a product that hasn’t been unveiled yet, the iTV is generating an awful lot of news. The latest bit of information comes from up north, where Apple is said to be in talks with Rogers Communication Inc. and BCE Inc., two of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies. Apple, which is seeking out partners with extensive broadband and wireless capabilities for its upcoming smart TV, assumed to be called the iTV, declined to comment on the rumors, but it makes sense for the planning to start now. The buzz around the iTV is arguably as great or greater than any other Apple product launch, as many believe the iTV will essentially be a large-scale iPad with Siri, which will allow for control of the television minus a remote.

Telus Corp would be the odd man out in Canada, but word is that they are at work on technology that would bring gesture and voice control to their Optik TV, which would work with Microsoft and the XBOX 360 as a content provider. In the United States, Apple is rumored to be in talks with Verizon and AT&T (big shock) to distribute the iTV. As it was before, nothing concrete is known about the iTV – Apple is still keeping it heavily under wraps. Stay tuned for more information on what promises to be one of the biggest product launches of the year – assuming it actually does come out this year. But, with Apple, who knows?

Via the Globe and the Mail

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