Augmented Reality Fishing Rod Turns Kids Into Dragon Slayers

Last year, Takara Tomy released an augmented reality fishing reel that allowed kids to live their Bassmaster dreams sans bodies of water. But, if you’re going to go with augmented reality, you can probably do a lot better than common fish. That wasn’t lost on Takara Tomy, as the toy company is now releasing the Dragon Hunting Real. You can probably figure out the implications of that name on your own.

The reel is actually called the Thunder Blade, so named because the rod is shaped like a bright yellow lightning bolt. Kids can go out in search of dragons of various shapes and sizes, and the toy comes complete with force feedback responses that could at least do a respectable job of recreating what the excitement of an epic battle with a dragon might be like. In addition to the augmented reality mode, there is a story mode where kids can face off against other characters in a Pokemon-like game of catching ’em all.

The Dragon Hunting Real is expected to become available on March 25th of this year.

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