Awkward Family Photos Gets Even More Awkward with Puzzles

What’s the best way to capture the magic of Awkward Family Photos? With the most awkward family time activity, of course! Now, the whole family can get together to piece together awkward pictures of other people’s families in high jigsaw fashion. You won’t feel weird about that at all, right?

The 999-piece jigsaw puzzles will be collages of the eponymous site’s most popular photos from different categories – pets, holiday, siblings, and vacation. The puzzles will join the Awkward Family Photos board game (AKA ask your family members questions to which you don’t really want to know the answers), which is already on shelves in some stores.

Awkward Family Photos puzzles will clumsily stagger into stores this summer, after making a brief, sure-to-be uncomfortable for everyone visit to the American International Toy Fair this weekend in New York.

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