Beats by Dr. Dre Wood Headphone Necklace??!!

If this was an actual pair of Beats By Dre attached to a necklace, I could understand the appeal. That would be a fresh new way to rock your Beats when you’re not listening to your music, and you wouldn’t need to worry about storage. They’d probably get in the way a lot and be really inconvenient, but still, I could see it.

But, that’s not what this is. This is a wooden necklace with a wooden replica of a pair of Beats as a pendant. I get that Beats are stylish, but this might be taking things a little far. It’s really, really difficult to see anyone anywhere pulling this off seriously, ever. I can only see it being worn ironically, and even then, it’s a stretch. I don’t know, maybe I’m lacking in imagination. If you can actually pull these off, though, you have my undying respect and admiration.

On the upside, they do come pretty cheap. If you must, you can score the Black or Natural Beats By Dre Wooden Pendant with 36 Inch Beaded Necklace off Amazon now for a shade under $13.

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