I Don’t Even Think Dick Tracy Would Wear the ConnectorR

Sure, Dick Tracy was all about the wristwatch communicator, but he was a detective – he needed to look cool while he was talking to his wrist. If you choose to help Kickstart the ConnectorR, you too can have your own wrist-based communicator, but something tells me you won’t be earning any Dick Tracy style points.

The ConnectorR is a leather bracelet with a metallic mount for smartphones. Because the smartphone itself is mounted using double sided foam stickers, any smartphone, or any mobile device, for that matter, can be attached. But, the creator of the project, Dmitry Ostrogorsky, recommends you attach the stickers to a case, rather than your smartphone itself – you know, in case you buy one and actually want to take your smartphone off your wristband at some point (unlikely, I know).

Ostrogorsky’s had no luck on Kickstarter yet, but he’s offering special editions of his new gadget to especially generous donors, including red CNC machined aluminum versions. Those who give $1,000 or more get one of 100 limited edition pieces made partly from brass and individually numbered.

It seems a little unwieldy to me, but I could see a wrist-mounted smartphone being up a few alleys. If you count yourself among those interested, show Dmitry’s Kickstarter page some love – looks like he needs it.

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