Cyfe is a One Stop Shop For Monitoring Google Analytics and Facebook

Website metrics has become the cornerstone of any web-based business today. Understanding the numbers means you understand your customers, your target market, and where you’re failing. It’s also a royal pain, especially if you use a few different web analytics programs. Cyfe should ease that pain.

Cyfe gives users web stats from a variety of sources on one or more dashboards that can be scanned quickly. All of your information can be distilled into one report that can be shared with anyone. The pricing for the service is tiered, and based on how many widgets are allotted. With Cyfe, the more widgets you can use, the more analytic services you can include in your reports. Those widgets cover just about every site relevant to running a business, from Google Analytics to Facebook to leading SEO/SEM services.

The free version provides 5 widgets. The basic version allots 20, the standard version grants 50, and the pro version enables users to install 100 widgets. The monthly prices for those are $9, $29, and $49, respectively.

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