David Choe Might Become The Richest Graffiti Artist in the World

When graffiti artist David Choe was commissioned to decorate the walls of a fledgling tech company called Facebook, he didn’t think much of it, describing the social media website as, “ridiculous and pointless.” Despite that, he must have thought the company was sensible enough to warrant keeping the thousands of shares of the company he received as payment from then-president Sean Parker. Good call on his part.

Choe is now set to make about $200 million once the Facebook IPO hits the market, possibly sometime in April. Once the social media powerhouse goes public, Choe will be able to sell his shares on the market – and those shares are predicted by many to fetch a very high price.

Choe is one of many early Facebook employees and contractors who received shares as payment when Facebook was still only known as the cool MySpace for college students. Other big winners will be Peter Thiel, who was the first outside investor to throw his support behind Facebook. He holds millions of shares, which should amount to roughly $2 billion. Bono will score about $120 million, while current COO Sheryl Sandberg is also set to rake in millions. And, finally, in a (somewhat) happy ending, the Winklevoss twins of “Zuckerberg stole our idea” fame will be able to cash in their 1.2 million shares received as part of a court settlement. Something tells me a little bad blood might still linger, anyway.

Via the Sydney Morning Herald

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