LIVE: Create.Work.Inspire. – Powered by Dell and Intel

Starting this morning, Dell and Intel are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for their third Create.Work.Inspire event, and you’re invited to come check it out too! This time the new Dell XPS 13 ultrabook is taking center stage as a key player in the creation of a music video for Japanese rock band, The Suzan. We are on hand and behind the scenes, watching as the Create.Work.Inspire team uses the new XPS 13 to weave together the production of a music video from start to finish.

Update 03/19/12: The finished music video is finally ready, so check it out below! Also check out the behind the scenes video, which further showcases how the Dell XPS 13 was involved in the whole process.


February 23, 2012

9:59 AM: Just arrived at Villain Studios in Williamsburg.

10:00 AM: The band, and the creative crew are setting up. The band members are so cute!

10:25 AM: Ok, having some technical difficulties over here with uploading images

10:26 AM: Each of the bloggers here have a Dell XPS 13 to use for the day to live blog with.

10:26 AM: My initial impressions of the XPS 13

10:29 AM: First time holding it, the outside is very reminiscent of the MacBook Air, but that is a good thing.

10:30 AM: The aluminum and carbon fiber material feels really strong and well made.

10:30 AM: The keyboard is very, very nice to use. Keys are well spaced. The rubberized finish surrounding the keyboard is nice too.

10:30 AM: I love how the display is nearly edge to edge. Definitely looks like a laptop smaller than 13″, yet the display is 13″, so it’s like my mind is playing tricks on me.

10:31 AM: Bummer! There is No built-in memory card reader

10:31 AM: Does anyone have any questions about the Dell XPS 13? Hit me with questions!

Comment From Guest 10:34 AM: How is everyone using the Dell XPS?

10:34 AM: There are several Dell XPS 13’s set up here. And anyone can walk in and check them out!

10:41 AM:

10:42 AM:

10:46 AM:

10:50 AM:

10:54 AM: The outside aluminium finish is very nice!

11:00 AM: The XPS 13 goes on sale feb 28th, starting price of $999

11:00 AM: Comment From Guest: They look sexy!! How light are they??

11:01 AM: The XPS 13 weighs just 2.99lbs

11:01 AM: That is pretty amazing for a laptop packing in a 13″ display

11:09 AM: Comment From Guest: How does it stack up against the Macbook Air??

11:10 AM: The outside cover is very similar, and so is the basic formfactor. The build quality is similar too

11:13 AM: But when you open it up, on the inside, the rubberised finish surrounding the keyboard is different, and very nice

11:14 AM: the keyboard is similar but actually even more comfortable to use

11:16 AM: So far the XPS 13 is running very cool

11:46 AM:

11:46 AM: The band is getting their make-up done

11:48 AM:

12:20 PM: We’re taking a lunch break. Will be back soon

2:39 PM:

2:41 PM The Band is busy taking some photo ops while we’re busy playing with the XPS 13 4:35 PM We’ll be back tomorrow! The video shoot starts in the AM

5:25 PM Live blog starts again tomorrow at 11AM EST!

February 24, 2012

11:16 AM:

11:22 AM:

12:27 PM: Just finished chatting with Lauren Stec, who is the graphic designer involved with the creative for the music video. She has been using the Dell XPS 13 to develop all the creative for the video

12:28 PM:

12:29 PM:

1:00 PM:

1:11 PM:

1:23 PM: Lights, camera, action!

1:23 PM:

Comment From Guest 1:56 PM: Are these your pictures you are taking?

Comment From Guest 1:56 PM: They are really nice!!

Comment From Guest 1:56 PM: This is really cool!!

Comment From Guest 1:56 PM: Will we will be able to hear the band play??

1:57 PM: I just posted a video of the band playing, can you view it? And yes, I am taking these photos

Comment From Guest 2:15 PM: Aww shucks I can’t see teh video

2:32 PM:

2:39 PM:

4:10 PM:

4:14 PM: Production for the video is a wrap! The finished product should be available tomorrow!


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