DomeSkin Bubble Skin for iPhone Review

DomeSkin is a new bubble skin for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Blackberry. Like GelaSkins and MusicSkins, the DomeSkin is a removable and reusable sticker that aligns perfectly with your device. Unlike the others, DomeSkin has a unique 3D appearance with its matching front and back bubble skin. DomeSkin offers a comfortable, grippy, feel for your device as well as protection for the faceplates.

The DomeSkin for iPhone 4/4S worked out really nice. It lines up perfectly with iPhone’s faceplates and ports. The perfect fit and raised bubbled appearance makes DomeSkin look like much more than a sticker. It actually confuses a lot of people as to what exactly it is: skin or case? The appearance really pops, especially with the wild designs. The skins are easy to apply and pretty risk-free thanks to the removable/reusable 3M technology.

The DomeSkin not only looks cool, but it offers protection for iPhone’s faceplates as well as a very comfortable grip. The tapered edges of the skin give iPhone a more ergonomic feel, reducing the somewhat awkward grip of iPhone’s normally sharp edges. The grippy coating on DomeSkin is also scratch resistant.

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While DomeSkin offers protection to the front and back of iPhone, it offers zero protection to iPhone’s sides and corners. For drops, it will help protect, but not as much as a case. It will, however, prevent scuffing and scratches on iPhone’s front and rear faceplates.

DomeSkin is currently available for all iPhones and iPads as well as most iPods and BlackBerrys. For iPhone 4/4S, DomeSkin is available in over 80 unique, abstract, and darn sexy designs at www.DomeSkin.com. Each DomeSkin has a matching front and rear sticker as well as a matching wallpaper that is emailed to you with purchase. It costs $19.99. This price is fair for the unique appearance except it’s not much cheaper than a protective case.

The Good: Unique 3D Bubble Appearance Looks Cool, Great Designs, Removable/Reusable, Comes Off Clean, Slim Profile, Fits Almost Any Dock, Good Grip, Scratch Resistant, Complete Access to Ports and Buttons

The Bad: No Protection for Sides of iPhone, Edges are Raised Around Screen – Swiping Down for Notifications Requires Precision