Dyson DC39 Canister Gets Rolling With New Ball Technology

After the fourth or fifth chipped wall from whacking the canister into a corner while trying to move it closer to you, you might think maybe canister vacuums just aren’t the way to go anymore. Dyson now has something to say about that, with the DC39.

The DC39 is a canister vacuum designed to take those corners with ease, and without taking out a chunk of paint in the process. The canister is set on a large ball that lowers the canister’s center of gravity and prevents the canister from getting caught on or slowed down by carpet, making maneuvering the vacuum a lot easier.

Dyson also points out the weakness of using bags for suction, mentioning that those kinds of canister vacuums decline in performance too quickly. The DC39 uses Dyson’s own Radial Root Cyclone technology, which should suck up microscopic dust particles around the house. When it comes time to empty the vacuum, there is a trigger-bin emptying button that dumps the dirt into a bin for disposal. There is also a HEPA filter inside the ball that doesn’t need to be washed.

You can get that kind of quality in a lot of different vacuums, but few others make steering as easy on a canister vacuum. That’s a welcome accomplishment for those who are tired of going back and vacuuming up the pieces of wall their vacuums just tore out. And, if you need at least a little reassurance, part of the testing process involved taking the DC39 around the same corner 50,000 times to ensure stability. So, at least you know Dyson wasn’t messing around when they built this thing.

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