Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station Review

The Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station isn’t just the ultimate travelling accessory, but it’s the ultimate nightstand and kitchen accessory. This clever charging station plugs into any regular wall outlet and features a charging dock for iPhones and iPods as well as three AC outlets, a side USB port, and even a nightlight on the underside.

Energizer’s iSurge Charging Station is such a simple concept, and yet so very smart. Is it an iPhone/iPod charging dock that plugs straight into the wall? Or is it just an all out charging hub with nightlight? Whatever it is, it’s great for traveling and having around the house. Plug outlets can be sparse, especially at hotels, and these days even the tech-adverse have multiple items that require power.

The three AC Outlets (all three-prong) are surge protected. On the side is a USB port which powers devices at 1 amp. Next to the USB port is a switch for the built in underglow nightlight. The nightlight glows white across a clear strip; it just happens to look blue in our pictures. The three-prong plug on the back of iSurge swivels 180 degrees. The swiveling is pretty stiff, which keeps the iSurge in place in any orientation. The fine print in the directions says not to plug the iSurge into another surge protector.

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The dock on the top of iSurge features Apple’s 30 pin charging connector, which is compatible with all iPhones and iPods. Though the box says the compatibility applies for iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gen), iPod Nano (6th Gen), iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S, the iSurge had no problem charging our 2nd Gen iPod Nano. The compatibility may be based on which charging plates are included with the dock. There are three plastic charging plates that just provide a better fit for the Apple device. With the charging plate removed, iSurge can dock and charge iPhones and iPods with thin cases. There were only two design issues we had with iSurge. First, the plug sticks out the back of the device and is not retractible, this could be more travel-efficient. The other gripe is that the dock makes iPhones and iPods stand slightly forward, whereas it’s way easier to view and use if the device were tilted slightly backward. Other than that the iSurge worked wonders, especially in the kitchen.

The Energizer iSurge Charging Station is a simple device that’s easy to use. Around here, there’s no shortage of devices that need charging, so it has really come in handy. Unfortunately most plug outlets are usually near the floor. The better places for iSurge around the household is kitchens, nightstands, bathrooms, and offices. It costs $49.99 from Amazon and could very well pay itself off over time.

The Good: Handy, Smart Design, Included USB Port, NightLight, Accommodates iDevices with Thin Cases

The Bad: Not Supposed to Plug into Other Surge Protectors, iPhone Leans Forward When Docked, No Way to Hide Plug on Back for Portability Purposes

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