Eva Air Brings Hello Kitty to the Friendly Skies

Move over, United Airlines. If you want to fly the friendly skies, it seems like there’s no better option than EVA airlines right now, because I don’t think it gets any friendlier than Hello Kitty.

The international icon has been gracing the broadside of three EVA Air A330 jets since December of last year to celebrate the airline’s 20th anniversary. Of course, EVA didn’t just stop with the tribute on the side of the airplane. Just about everything on or related to these jets has been Hello Kitty-ized. Boarding passes, pillows, hand soap, utensils, and flight attendants all bear the placid visage of Hello Kitty. And no, that doesn’t mean flight attendants in full costume (they wear Hello Kitty aprons), but if they did, I don’t think it would come as a huge surprise.

EVA Air is a popular budget airline in Taiwan, where Hello Kitty is much bigger than mere passenger jets. On the ground, she’s made plenty of conquests, including many 7-Eleven tie-ins, where fans can score Hello Kitty swag if they collect enough stickers by making purchases. Currently, her and her Sanrio friends can be collected in keychain form as part of this season’s promotion. That’s not even mentioning the large sections of toy stores devoted to the mouthless one. Of course, fame has its drawbacks—Taiwan is also awash in Hello Kitty knock-offs. I would wonder if that makes Hello Kitty sad, but with that poker face, who could ever tell?

Via the Huffington Post

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