FAO Schwarz Celebrates 150 years with Gallery of Your Favorite Old Toys

FAO Schwarz, the monumental toy store of every kid’s dreams, is celebrating a rare feat, marking 150 years of making Christmas mornings that much brighter. They’re ringing in the occasion by converting their flagship store in New York City into a classic toy museum until April 10th.

25 vintage toys will be on display, from the original Nintendo Entertainment System pictured above (with R.O.B.!) to Hello Kitty’s United States debut offerings. The original Razor scooter will be on display, too, as will be the still-unfathomably popular Tickle Me Elmo that owned Christmas 1996 like few other toys have ever managed to do. There are plenty more classics listed on the press release. If that textual trip down memory lane isn’t enough, be sure to relive your childhood, and maybe some childhoods that came before yours, at the New York City store before those toys head back into history on April 10th (oh, who am I kidding, I still have and play my regular NES).

Press Release

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