Groovio Will Have Newborns and Preschoolers Getting Their Groove On

iPod docks aren’t usually considered children’s toys, but we’ll have to make an exception for the Nuvo Groovio. The Groovio is an infant friendly set of speakers that lets kids rock out to parent-selected tunes in a safe way. The Groovio is an iPod dock, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it – the iPod (or smartphone, or other mp3 player) connects to the Nuvo Safe and Sound Controller, which are both securely locked inside the Groovio during use.That would imply that skipping tracks won’t be possible with the Groovio, so parents need to do a good job of curating their music for young ears in advance.

To keep things safe, Groovio allows parents to customize volume settings to keep the decibel level at a safe place, depending on the age of the child. Also, because everything is locked in the Groovio during use and the device is battery powered, there are no wires or exposed electronic parts that can injure young children.

Groovio looks like a little guy with huge eyeballs (a great partner to the insatiable curiosity of children). He’s cute, and that’s not lost on Nuvo. Parents can buy different accessories that kids can use to dress their new friend up, though the accessories aren’t all fluff. There are kid-safe teething antennas that can be put on Groovio’s head, for example. That will probably beat the other things your child has tabbed as a chew toy around the house.



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