Samsung Smart TV Snags HBO GO App

As of today, Samsung Smart TV owners who are also cable subscribers can access all episodes of HBO shows on demand using the HBO GO App. Well, some owners can, at least.

For those who are not Comcast or Time Warner customers, HBO GO allows users to watch new and old movies and all episodes of current and past television shows, which is a huge draw if you aren’t a fan of buying those DVD box sets to watch your old favorites. The app itself is a sweet deal, which is why it’s a shame that access is so restricted. As stated before, Comcast and Time Warner customers are out of luck, as are owners of the following models of Samsung Smart TVs:

  • PN51D6450DF
  • PN59D6450DF
  • PN51D6500DF
  • PN59D6500DF
  • PN51D6900DF
  • PN59D6900DF
  • PN51D7000FF
  • PN59D7000FF
  • PN64D7000FF
  • UN32D5550RF
  • UN40D5550RF

Some of those models are 2011 televisions, so even if you have a new set, you might be on this list. No explanation from Samsung was given as to why the app does not work with those televisions.

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