The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules – Making Web Cams Look Cool

I guess over the years, Hercules has shifted his attention to feats of fabulous style. The Hercules HD Twist mini webcam was unveiled last month at CES Las Vegas, and aims to bring life to your webcam, assuming you need an external one. The HD Twist webcams have a flexible, sturdy base that can be molded to fit on top of a monitor or stand freely, and come in the clever names Hercules has made up for black, cobalt, red, green, purple, and turquoise. You can go here to see which color best fits your personality, or I guess you could just pick your favorite color. Whichever.

The webcam itself is a 5 MP camera capable of 720p HD video of up to 30 frames per second. The camera features 3x digital zoom and face tracking, as well. A noise-cancelling microphone is included. A software suite is bundled in, which allows for multiple capture modes and one-click file conversion and sharing.

The Hercules HD Twist mini webcam muscles its way into stores in March, carrying a $35 price tag.

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